We believe in the mission and vision of the United Way and what impact it has on our community. With the chili feed we bring a large group of people that are coming together to help make a difference and raise money for a good cause. We believe your business will be uplifted and highlighted (as you can see from our sponsorship graph) in a way that will benefit your company.

Absolutely! Please take a look at our handy 2019 Sponsorship Packages to see all the different levels you can participate in. We would love to connect with you to discuss how you can be a part of this great event.


For the past seven years, we have held the Chili Feed at the Roers Office, but this year we’ve expanded our space! We will be hosting at the same location, just behind the building in the Roers back shop. This location offers more room for the chilies, chefs and the attendees.

Roers & Keller Williams Inspire Realty bring 50 chili chefs together to offer 50 different chilies for the community to taste all while supporting the United Way of Cass Clay in a fun, high energy chili cook-off! Each Chili has a server that represents the chili and the attendees have the ability to taste every single chili! But we don’t just stop at there!  We have all the fixings, desserts, and drinks for you, as well!  Community members can attend by a providing a free will donation; all proceeds go towards our goal of raising 50,000 dollars for the United Way of Cass Clay.

We open the doors at 11:30 AM and there are always a few popular chilies that go fast, so make sure to block off time in your calendars and smart phones. The event goes from 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, but if there is chili left, we won’t kick you out if you show up at 1:59 PM!  Be warned, you might get to see the hustle that goes on behind the scenes for tear down if you’re there at 2:15 PM!


Fill the roaster we will provide you with is approximately 32 cups of chili.

Temperature range: -100F to 400F

  1. Place one to two cups of water in the removable roasting pan
  2. Open the liner and dress the removable roasting pan
  3. Do NOT tuck the roaster liner inside the roaster oven body
  4. Place the foods into the insert
  5. Set temperature 20 degrees below recommended setting
  6. Easy to follow You Tube instructions

Please bring your roaster of piping HOT chili to the office by 9:00 AM. It is imperative that the chilies are delivered warm or hot! It takes a lot of electricity to keep the chilies nice and hot and also ensures that your chili will be warm enough by the time the event begins. The drop off location is at the back of the building (see image below); there will be signs to guide you to the correct door.

Please bring your dessert donations to the Roers office the day of the event by 9AM.

Each Chili entry will need to have one representative stationed behind their roaster to “sell” their chili to attendees! Representatives can be stationed at their chili entries from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM and can work in shifts if necessary. Each person that walks through the door will get a bean as their voting bean for People’s Choice Award!  Encourage them to drop their bean in your jar.  The high level sponsors will select a winner in the VIP category and will start their judging at 11.


The assigned volunteer coordinator will be located near the entrance of the event and will assign you to tasks.

Set up, Take Down, and everything in between. With over 50 roasters of chili and almost 1,000 attendees we need boots on the ground to make this event thrive. Luckily each year we have awesome volunteers that love coming to the event and being part of it.  Greeters, refilling, helping the chili cooks, picking up donation items, we have numerous ways you can get involved. We will work with you to make sure the volunteer role fits for you!

Yes! We have lots of donations to pick up, signs to hang, roasters to deliver, and everything in between. We would love to connect with you on ways you can help.